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Bomgi Nutraceuticals is a Ugandan company incorporated in the republic of Uganda in 2013 operating as a subsidiary of Kampala pharmaceutical industries specializing in provision of nutritional supplements and other additional health supplements.

The thinking behind the innovation was to provide nutritional supplementation to Africa that would improve the quality of their lives and well-being. Thus, Booster plus, an immune boosting supplement, was introduced as a flag ship product / Brand among others. Micro nutrient supplementation was found to improve the quality of life for many people struggling with illnesses including cancer, sickle cell, anemia, diabetes, etc. Until now, the problem has been that supplementation is usually expensive.

Bomgi addressed this by creating an affordable, high quality food supplement BOOSTER plus based on clinical research which is a swell a major component in Booster Mama Kit. We have in addition evolved to develop other products that include Mama Kit, Booster Mama and Peridamol in the product portfolio all related to addressing health related issues that affect us on a daily basis.


The product “Booster Mama Kit” is an all-in-one kit that contains everything needed to help provide a clean and safe delivery. Booster MAMA KIT can allow women to give birth in a hospital or clinic, or if they must give birth at home they have proper sterile supplies as research has shown that mama kit can greatly reduce the number of women dying during childbirth.

The booster MAMA KIT has been developed with particular and unique components that include:

  • Plastic carry Bag 18x16 -1
  • Preparation sheet – Mum 1x2 -1
  • Preparation sheet – Baby 1x1
  • Plastic carry Bag 2.5x5-1
  • Soap – 2
  • Surgical gloves (Pair) -2
  • Disposable Gloves -2
  • Cotton wool 500g Roll-1
  • Thread/cord -2
  • Surgical blade -2
  • Child growth card-1
  • Umbigel – 1
  • Gauze 10 cm -1
  • Shipper mama kit 24s-1
  • Booster plus -30 capsules

Note that the booster MAMA KIT as observed has specific additions that include Umbigel and Booster plus appropriate enough for the care of the child and nutrition of the mother, components rare in most other MAMA kit brands.